Eric Koston Off Lakai

Eric Koston is officially off Lakai Footwear. I just saw this on Watch the video, it shows Koston saying the words himself. Wait….Lakai promoting a video on their site of Koston quitting their team?  Something’s rotton in Denmark. Maybe Koston on a new Lakai spinoff company? Maybe Koston to DVS ? Maybe it’s real. Maybe the fact that I’m writing about it is playing right into their plans. They are up to something. More to come. Talk amongst yourselves.

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its all paul rodriguezs fault since kostons going to nike paul is recruiting the gods to his team for world domination! i really think its cool though that kostons getting away from lakai. it shows that he doesnt need the most famous team ever to back his sk8ng up all he needs is his sk8ing. im curious to see how this works out…..

Birdo is just a hater.
wtf dont you consider a sell out!?
it’ll be nice seeing him on SB.

“sk8r” is a dumbass. mike mo is incredible, and so is steve berra. eric koston is incredible also, but a tad bit overrated

Stop all the hate. Koston is our homie and will end up on a legit shoe company. Also, Steve and Eric are friends of Active, so stop the weak comments on Steve and The Berrics.

Koston rules….with or without Lakai or Active. He should have called his park “eric’s” not the bericks…berra has noting on koston. oh, koston was dope when I saw him at Active Chino…Mike Mo, not so dope.

Are you kidding me Jay??

Throwing a shoe at KOSTON?

How about that vid where that one fool threw a shoe at the PRESIDENT!!

That was pretty rugged. That’s why they did it