Enjoi WORLD Premiere


Sure,everyone has been to San Francisco, but San Jose, that's another story. I got my first San Jose experience with the San Jose Native Skateboarding Team, Enjoi, the Bag of Suckers. It was freezing all weekend and was snowing in Oakland. We barged the Active Van out to the Enjoi Premiere through rain, snow, hail, road kill and truck stops.


Upon arrival, there was a mad house at the actual Premiere Location so I decided to not get pummeled by 200 of San Jose's finest skate enthusiasts. I caught up with everyone at the “After Party” which consisted of San Joseians dancing like they were the ones whose job it is to summon the rains. Beer covered the dance floor and I kept my safe distance. No one likes to slip and fall, right? I was happily surprised at the turnout for the event within the industry, since Tampa Pro was going on East Coast Style (Congrats Jereme Rogers!). Some of your favorites were there to support the Bag of Suck.

So I can't really write a review for a video I didn't get to see much of but you should check out the Brea Premiere page by clicking anywhere on this line. For now, take care and do visit San Jose, where women come out on 30 degree evenings wearing mini skirts and tank tops, it's paradise Gents!

By the way, don't you love it when you're driving and you see randomness, like this statue that was on someone's lawn! Lawn of Suck.