Enjoi- Brea Active Premiere


Ahh yes, the re-cap. Last Friday, March 17th, we held our own Official Active So Cal Premiere at Active Brea. There was rain once again and we were thinking we might have to pull the plug on the Enjoi Premiere's existence, but the rains dissipated and we knew we would be seeing the Bag of Suck in all its glory. Brea had an amazing turn-out. Yes it was cold, but the people who came out to the premiere didn't care, it didn't even phase them. They wanted their Bag of Suck Premiere and we gave it to them.


We were lucky enough to be greeted with boxes of product and a few Enjoi Riders: Caswell Berry, Jose Rojo & Clark Hassler (not to mention Kenny Anderson, Torey Pudwill, Evan Hernandez & Lamare Hemmings) all showed up to check out the flick with you guys all thanks to Clifford the Enjoi Team Manager, the English Angel as I'd like to refer to him. There were decks, shirts, stickers and tons of other types of product hucked out to the sea of Brea Enjoi fans. The premiere and video itself were amazing. There is so much uniqueness about the Enjoi team, it's no wonder their video was named a quasi melting pot of extraordinary talent that could only go by the ingenious name of Bag of Suck.

If you fail to buy this DVD when it's available, I promise you this, your life is not complete and if you were at the premiere at Brea or San Jose, you know what I mean. The Enjoi team is amazing and they even had a Marc Johnson Cameo in there. All jokes aside, buy it.