Emerica “The Demo” Check it out!

The Emerica Demo at Active Orange

When Emerica rolls through, it's no joke. They ride in on their blazing saddles, we refer to as Harley's, and wouldn't ya' know that it's a serious spectacle. If you didn't want a motorcycle before, you do now. Heath, Spanky, Leo and the rest of the crew rode in and before they got into the skateboarding, they took the time to meet with Hector Ramos, a young man who had his wish granted by Make a Wish Foundation to have an Active Shopping Spree and to meet the Emerica Team which houses his favorite skateboarder, Leo Romero. Hector is a cool kid and a great sport. The entire Emerica Team posed for photos with him and signed autographs and made his day.


Not only did Emerica make Hector's day, they made the massive crowd's day as well. Kids were freaking out and cheering on Ed Templeton, Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Braydon Szafranski, Matt Allen, Austin Stephens and the rest of the rippers who put on a demo the crowd is sure not to forget. Leo shut down the demo and was the last man standing, his dedication and drive seemed to be unsurpassed on that day. Inspiring, motivating and exciting are the three words you could use to describe what Emerica brought to the crowd at Orange Active on the 29th of July. If you didn't get to come out to the demo, don't worry, this is not the last of the Active/Emerica Demo's, not by a long shot.

Thanks to the entire Emerica Team, Jeff Henderson, Justin Regan, Corey Cadey, Mikal, Tammy, The Village at Orange, Orange Active, Make a Wish and anyone else who helped this demo a success for all.

Photos: Tammy Taylor & Erica Yary