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Just sitting here thinking about how sick the Emerica Stay Gold video is going to be… so many big names. Who’s part are you most looking forward to?

Who's Stay Gold part are you most anticipating?

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Leo deserved skater of the year his part was siiiiicck
but andrew just busted whack huge ****

colin provist will have a very sick part to why is he on the pole? Leo will have the ender for sure

yea…idk what luis is talking about???…Leo has been killin it lately and he’s gonna have a bangin part! Bherm is just the man and he throws down, I dont even need to mention drew cause he’s just the boss, end of story…everyone on emerica has style for miles and the whole videos gonna be siiick. The real question we should be asking ourselves is, who do you think is gonna snag last part?

this movie is finna be sick
but jamie tancowny said he still has 8 months filming “/

HD is retarded
why would yo go their website if Active is wack?