Emerica Reynolds Classics in stock!


Andrew Reynolds has been in the game for well over a decade. During this time he’s had plenty of shoe models released; from the original Emerica Reynolds to The Boss to the Reynold Crusiers. Well he’s taking it back to the Reynold 2’s with his new shoe, the Reynolds Classics. The Reynold Classic was inspired by the Reynold 2 design, however they added new and improved technology. It features a suede, canvas, or leather upper, STI Foam level 1.5 footbed cushioning system, Double-wrapped vulcanized tape for increased durability, and the perfect amount of board feel. Check out the 4 new colors that are in stock now & get them while they’re hot!



Hey can any one help me? Im searching for the reynolds classic since 6 month ago. Can someone tell me where can i fine this shoe?

@ Riley.
That’s because you are a tool. “I like Jeremy Rogers because he skates for DC man. Even though I don’t skate, I love to wear my DC shoes. People like Jeremy Rodgers and Rob D skate for DC and they are on MTV so they’ve gotta be cool.” That’s you in a nutshell… CHAV.

dis is knot gonna make my top five fav shoes. i have a different swagga and steeze. i prefer coolio shoes. hear is my top 5 fav shoes in order of course; all of jeremy rogers shoes from dc, the d3 from osris, the hammer from duffs, classics from all my fav shoes.

sorry @Scott Larock,but i think you need to text yoself before you wreck yoself,i ordered them on a dif site and they came today and it clearly said LEVEL 3!!!!!

Level 3… shoot, just cause they are run by Foot Locker doesn’t mean they get extra cush!