EE Answers YOUR Deathwish Questions

You asked for it, you got it. Last week we went down to Deathwish Headquarters an brought a list of questions YOU wanted Erik Ellington to answer. Did your question make the cut?

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Erik Ellington is ready to answer YOUR hard hitting questions about Deathwish skateboards and Baker skateboards. Now you get to find out what the deal is with Deathwish! Submit your questions by next Wednesday, August 20th and if your question is chosen, Erik will answer it for you. You’ll be seeing the video interview up on the Active Ride Shop News Section shortly after it is filmed next week. Start submitting your questions by commenting below!

can u send me board and what kind grip do u ride is shake junt grip mob grip or mini logo grip send shake junt grip please some kid sold my board i had fell doing a switch 360 flip and a kid took and sold it for $ 100 buck i cryed my eyes out that and was going to enter a contest to go ams for one company and to for deathwish so i need that board 7.75 or 8.0

i like your skating alot and loved your part in baker 3. i was won dering if you cared that that kid in mindfield bigflipped carlsbad after you had the backside bigspin as your ender? i remember reading that you had a hard time with that trick, how long did it take to get it? i mean no disrespect by my question, its just something i was thinking about. Also when and in what video can i see your next video part?

a i was just wondering if you usually be hangin around wit the the whole baker team or just hang out with a couple of the people from the baker team and who came up with the idea of making deathwish boards.

dude baker should have their own store on melrose or hollywood blvd. that wud definately b good advertising for one of the best skate companies in the game. whoever has contacts with andrew reynolds shud request a store. BAKER 4 LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEOTIS KILLS IT!!!