Element Eden Advocate Art Shows

Lisa Solberg

Eden Advocate Lisa Solberg

Amber B

Eden Advocate Amber B. & Mr. Autumn 

Artist Lisa Solberg has been welcomed to the amazing group of women that make up the Advocate Family at Element along with Advocate Amber B. who just finished a show at Colette in Paris.

Lisa recently came off her first show in Los Anageles at the well renowned Kinsey/ DeForeges Gallery where she was creating  limitless artwork that was influenced from her innovation and ever changing inspiration.  Click here to see and read more on Lisa.

Element Eden Advoate Amber B. just came off a show at the Paraisian Boutique and art house, Colette.  This is where she created Mr. Autumn as a tribute to the changing of the Seasons and also embarked on a photo journal of her stay in Paris.  See more from Amber and her journey here.

 The Element Eden Advoate program has begun as a way to motivate and showcase aspiring female artisits and define beyond the norm what it means to be a girl in today’s world.  Among the many amazing members of the Advocate program are  poet and musician Ishle Park, philanthropist Kendra Jones Morris, craftswoman Beck Hickey, musician and DJ Mataji Booker, Australian personality Asha Kuerten and artists Brook Reidt, Pepa Prieto, Juliana Neufield and Tiffany Bozic.