Element Eden Advocate Brooke Reidt

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Los Angeles based artist Brooke Reidt helped define the Element Eden Advocate program in 2005 and her work is featured on many of the pieces in the current Element collection. Her style is always changing as she continues to grow and learn from every new experience and she incorporates all of her surroundings into each piece of art she creates.

While attending the prestigious Pasadena Art Center College of Design, Brooke also finds time to be a part of shows across the country and spends a lot of her energies finding ways to give back to her community in creative ways. In fact, if you purchase one of her pieces or attend one of her shows, you may be inadvertently giving back yourself.
To read more about Brooke, visit www.elementeden.com and to purchase an original Brooke Reidt piece of your own, see www.brookereidt.com.


This artist has not supplied an order of ‘Priya’s Painting’ regardless of payment, including shipment, being made in full. She has repeatedly not replied to all inquiries in regard to the status of my order made via multiple email addresses and even a ‘facebook’ message. This has been going on since May of this year. All I want is what I paid for.