Ed Templeton’s – Map of the Inner War

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I went to Ed Templeton’s Map of the Inner War art show and was amazed by all of Ed’s new work that was on display. There were at least a hundred people inside the packed gallery checking out Ed Templeton’s works and getting their ‘Deformer’ book signed by Ed himself. Ed is a great guy who is super humble and it is shocking how much art he put together (250 new works) for this show with having so much on his plate. Ed is the man. Check out the photos and if you’re in the Southern California area or are willing to come to So Cal by plane, train, automobile or jetpack, make sure you head on into the Roberts and Tilton gallery – 5801 Washington Boulevard – Culver City, California 90232  – 323.549.0223 – The show runs November 15th – December 13th, 2008.

All photos: Erica Yary