Earth Day!


It’s Earth Day! Today is the day we spread awareness about our Earth and appreciate the environment around us! Today the new Disney movie Earth comes to a theater near you and I cannot wait to see it. Disney’s first Disneynature series is a story on three animal families traveling our home, Earth. Disney has promised for every ticket purchased that they will plant a tree. That’s amazing! Disney is not the only people helping out our planet. Element has decided to spread their motto of Power to the Planet for the whole world to hear. Today Element is having people from all around the world to join them in their Pick up the Parks event. Element is taking biodegradable trash bags to local parks to help clean up the environment. Check out their website for a location near you. Element and contestants have also started designing a Conscious By Nature clothing line and a great line of tote bags that can be used for almost anything. These creative totes help the economy in so many ways. Not only will you look fashionable you will also be saving the planet by using your tote for your shopping instead of all those plastic bags. Be a part of this great movement. Plant a tree, pick up trash, ride your bike, use less electricity, use recyclable shopping bags, and spread the word! Every little bit counts! Let’s make Earth Day every day.





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