Early xmas from Nike

Star of the infamous Robot Food films, legend of style, perfector of the backside tailslide, insane circus high diver, computer wiz, and new Nike captain- Bobby Meeks made my christmas start early this year.

I decided to have a little product photoshoot with my present. My makeshift studio was sooo ghetto it made me laugh; seriously I laughed out loud while doing this with nobody around.

I did this on the floor of my apt. It was shot on a piece of glass from a cabinet for the reflection. For the light to be focused to a small beam, I used a cardboard snoot and gaffers tape. Then for some light to be bounced around I used some reflective gold paper from the box packaging, and also a foam core that is the back of a poster. To flag/hide some light, I used the box itself and also a t-shirt… real classy I know. I have some legit equipment in line for the future, but was just doing this for fun really; so please don’t hate on me too bad. I’m actually quite happy with the results considering I didn’t use Photoshop and it was just entertainment for myself. Check it out and laugh with/at me.