Dylan Rieder for Gravis

I have to say… I just watched the Dylan Rieder Gravis video and was absolutely amazed. The guy has so much style, has mega pop and skates everything… fast too. This video is a must see.

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If you’re as bummed as I am that you’ll never have as much style as Dylan on a skateboard, not to worry. Gravis has made it possible to at least look like we do off one. Check out the Gravis Dylan Rieder collection below.

dylan-rieder-gravis-21 dylan-rieder-gravis-4



keywords: Analog, Dylan Reider, Arto Saari, Stefan Janoski

Dylan’s style is strait butter, no questions asked. He keeps his skating simple and barges. My favorite fo’ sure.

this is the kinda thing that makes old dudes like me wanna get out there skate. it’s all around great. reminds you of the way it used to be.