DVS/Matix Street Champs and Mini Ramps Demo

This weekend not only did we have fun in the OC, we had a party in the IE. Mission Viejo and Lake Elsinore Active's both got hooked up! I'm talking Street Champs and Mini Ramps style! If you don't know what that means, I'll explain. Street Champs Mikey Taylor, Daewon Song & many others came out and skated a mini ramp for all of you to enjoy and snap some photos of. Many of you were lucky enough to snag an autograph from one or more of the many guys who were skating it up for your enjoyment.

Daewon Song was there ripping as usual and the DVS RV held enough product to last a village a lifetime. Lots of stuff for everyone. Captain and Casey were in the house filming for FUEL TV the Captain and Casey Show, your favorite show. If you were at the show check it out and maybe you'll catch a glimpse of yourself! If you missed the demos just know that this won't be the last time we have the DVS and Matix guys in the house. We'll throw another extravaganza that you'll have to mark in your calendar. Don't stay home and clean your room, come to the demos! Come on: you know you want to!

Thanks to the DVS/Matix cast and crew also thanks to everyone that worked hard to make these two demos successes. Cheers!