Drop Sneakers Not Bombs – Launch Event Wrap Up

Kenny Anderson and P Rod

Drop Sneakers Not Bombs Premiere Launch Event went off this past Saturday, July 7th at Active Long Beach. We raised awareness about Invisible Children, a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of children in Northern Uganda. We also exceeded our expectations for our donation towards the admirable cause. People were lined up for hours before the sneakers were available for sale and once unleashed into the store they bought up the sneakers like nobody's business.

People were huge fans of all the shoes, but the Nike's and Van's were selling like hotcakes! Nike and Active Team Rider Paul Rodriguez was present for the event. P Rod was signing autographs and hanging out with friends and fans for the evening. Active Team Riders Johnny Layton and Kenny Anderson were also representing at the event and hanging out with the many people who came to support and contribute to the shoe release.

Active Long Beach's opening day was insane due to DSNB and everyone involved. Thanks to all who came out and supported the event, everyone who bought shoes, and everyone who made the event possible.


omg dude that premiere party was awesome i was there the morning they opened and the night they had their big party thing 4 the drop sneakers not bombs. I’m in picture #4 and picture #7 i’m not that hard 2 find cause i was like the only black girl up there which was weird but awesome. Even though i didn’t get any shoes because they were sold out when i got in the store i still had a great time. ACTIVE IS AWESOME!!!!!!

i agree it was down! i got the reynolds too! there is a picture of me holding them in picture #19 white hat, black and blue active shirt! the best active ive been too!

That grand opening is the best! I hung out with Johnny Layton, Paul Rodriguez, and got free Red Bull! I got the Reynolds 3, they are awsome! There is a picture of me trying them on in picture #11! The best grand opening ever!!!