Drop Sneakers Not Bombs

Shepard Fairey Drop Sneakers Not Bombs Logo
Drop Sneakers Not Bombs

Drop Sneakers Not Bombs is a promotion that Active is launching on 7/7/07 to raise awareness for a good cause by offering limited edition Active exclusive skate shoes. For every shoe sold from the Drop Sneakers Not Bombs campaign, Active will donate a portion of sales to Invisible Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to kidnapped and enslaved children in Uganda. Visit invisiblechildren.com to learn the complete story of Invisible Children.

On July 7th, 2007 (7/7/07) Active will be releasing a series of exclusive limited edition shoes from seven top skate shoe brands. Be one of few to own a pair of these super limited shoes from Emerica, Vans, Lakai, eS, DVS, DC, and Nike SB that you won't be able to get anywhere else. The shoes will be available for purchase on July 7th only at Active's newest location in Long Beach, CA. After the initial Long Beach release, the shoes will then be available online at activemailorder.com and in all Active retail stores.

Go to dropsneakersnotbombs.com to sign up for updates. More images of the shoes will be released as 7/7/07 gets closer.

Check out the original artwork artist, and creator of Obey, Shepard Fairey did for the Campaign.

Shepard Fairey Drop Sneakers Not Bombs Logo

dang i picked up the dcs. hella dope and there were like 1 pair per size. luckily i was the 4th in line

I got a pair of the altamont Reynolds 3’s. They are so cool . The free rods are REALLY comfortable.

Yo Everyone I just picked up the Free-Rod’s they are sick!!! So comfortable… big ups to Nike and Active for putting these shoes out for a good cause.

i saw all of the shoes already, i went to the movies next to the lb active and passed by then peeked inside and saw all of the shoes for dsnb. they havent even finished unpacking all the stuff, the dcs are sick! the nikes dont look as bad as on the internet, actually they sicki am going on saturday!

Does anyone know how to get to Active Long Beach from Santa Ana without using the freeway? And if you dont know where Santa Ana is, its in the center of Orange County.




Im going to bring Pizza-Drinks and some gear for you guys-$5.00 coupons for sick tricks. Lets see it

dude nike has one of the most powerful …compfortable…strong shoes of all time rbk an addidas i agree

Long Beach Active is due to open the 9th of June-We are just waiting on the City..

ARE YOU GUYS READY?!~!!!!!!!!!!!

speaking of shoes, when will the ellington shoe contest winner be announced? its been like 2 months already

ill paypal someone $65 if they can wear them and pull it off those are soo bad. wow uglly reynolds 3s were sick but sheez

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