Donny Barley – Welcome to Hell

Toy Machines Welcome to Hell video took many a skaters world by storm. Packed with a hessian soundtrack & plenty of handrails, it set the stage for a new breed of skateboarding. Aside from insane parts by Jamie Thomas, Ed Templeton, Brian Anderson & one of the best slam sections ever, lies my personal favorite, Donny Barley. His fast, smooth, solid style mixed with just the right amount of hesh & tech is one that has made me a lifelong fan. His opening line is sooo sick, you know you are smooth when you can wallride a glass window, and his ender, 2 back to back “Barley Grind’s”, switch & regs. How many dudes got their own trick named after them? The part is a little short & if you are like me you’ll want more. So, I included his Eastern Exposure Underachievers part (arguably even better) in a playlist with some other stuff below. Donny is a skater’s skater, watch & enjoy!