Donnie Mitchell Interview

Donnie Mitchell

Donnie Mitchell is Active's Returns Manager, but more importantly he rips.
Donnie is an up and coming am skater, I got a chance to ask him a few questions, this is his interview, hope you enjoy it.

Donnie Mitchell

D.O.B.: 3-27-1985

Hometown: Chino, CA

Sponsors: Active, Adio(flow), Listen(flow)

1.Who do you usually skate with?

The chino/chino hills crew Brent, David, Jeff, Tee, Alex, Damien, Dillon, etc.

2.What's that one trick that you can't seem to do consistently?

Lately its been 360 flips and it sucks! Every time I think I got 'em back I lose 'em again.

3. What music have you been listening to lately?

I try to mix it up with some Dipset of course, Living Legends, MF Doom, and a little bit of John Mayer for kicks.

4. What are your daily rituals before skating?
I make sure none of my shoelaces are ripped and my clothes are nice and comfy and fit well.If my gear doesn't feel proper its hard for me to skate. I also like to do a flat ground trick right before I try something hard.

5. Who was the first skateboarder you saw in person that blew your mind?

Probably Richard Mulder back in the day, he did a flat ground switch flip and I couldn't believe how high it was, I was trippin'.

6.What is your daily skate spot?

Chino hills skate park with the crew!

7.What was the last trip you were hyped on?

The trip out to Santa Barbara last weekend with the chino hills crew got me hyped! Especially the homemade ledges we skated for hours at the abandoned spot, I was super hyped!I wasn't hyped on losing my board in the sewer though (instant-karma).

8. How many years have you been skating?

I think eleven now, its been a while I always forget.

9.What do you like doing besides skateboarding?

Just hanging out with my friends is all I need. Other that that I just work on fixing up my Honda and making it faster.

10.In your opinion, who is killing it right now?

Hmm… there's a lot of people I'm hyped on right now torey pudwill, andrew allen, mike mo, nick dompierre.

11.Who are you riding for?

I get stuff from Listen Skateboards, Adio Footwear and Active Thanks to those people!

Photo by: Drew Kelley

Thanks chinken, i appreciate the comment. you seem to know what youre talking about. i dont get chicks though, and you definately dont wanna be like me

Donnie has good style all around. His clothes are fresh and he makes tricks look effortless. Plus i’m sure he gets lots of chicks. i wish i could be like Donnie.

that guy that says he suks is stupid
he kills
even his teen mob video part from a long ass time ago was good

he musta gotten way better

yo i saw donnie at the skatepark one time. I was trying to learn kfbsts…and that fool just showed me up and did it first try when i was trying it for like 4hrs. Dagger!!

Donny really works at Active. That is so cool. A skateboard company auctually being ran by skateboarders. Weird. CCS should take a lession from Active. Active Rules and Donny is dope.