Doin’ the Dew, in Tahoe.

The Dew Tour is making it’s way to Lake Tahoe this weekend, Northstar to be exact.   Last month I caught a couple seconds of it on television and it was great.  To make it even better,  I think even Todd Richards was announcing it.

I was recently contacted by somebody at the Fuse Marketing group, and they asked if I would be interested in having my photos feature in an exhibit.   They’re setting it up for a couple of the local artists of Tahoe, being myself,  Shawn Carnie,  Greg Hayes, and Ryan Bahlman.  All of these guys are great artists, having already seen their work in the past.  I’m honored to be listed in the same group as these guys, truly talented people.


So if you are in the area or want to travel to Tahoe this weekend, you shouldn’t be disappointed in the entertainment to be had.  I’m sure the contest is going to be wild.  Even though Danny Davis might think I’m a jerk, I hope he does well.  I’m down for his style in snowboarding. Him, Mason, Danny Kass, and Dustin Cravin are the best thing in pipe riding today.


Check this for more info.