Dirty fingers need not apply

  My favorite germaphobe and Active team rider Ryan Thompson (not the NY Yankee’s outfielder) just today got a shot on EXPN.com


Ryan is an amazing and unique person.  My first impression of him was nothing but interesting. I met him while he was living in SLC, UT with Technine team manager/filmer Cole Taylor.  I knew Cole already, and he’s intimidating sometimes… kinda gangster. At the time I too was sponsored by T9 and filming for their FODT film; and prior to meeting Ryan I assumed that he was a some fresh white kid trying to act all tough, while ironically living in the middle of Utah…  but was happily surprised by Ryan’s normal demeanor. He’s almost too normal. He once had a sponsor tell him he needed an image!  

DISCLAIMER. To everyone in SLC who may take offense to that: -I am not talking poop. I am simply making a statement about the style in Utah. I could have just as easily commented about the “rocker/hesh/hipster” scene there. …but I’ll save that for when I write about Ryan’s fellow Active teammate Josh Mills. haha, just kiddin bud!  

 To get to know him better, go ahead and google his name like the majority of his fans do. Or here, say hi to him if you are familiar to Myspace.com-


Now go here and look at photo #6 to see my photo of him: 

 http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/flash/zoomGallery?section=expn&photoGalleryId=3697852Thanks.(If you noticed a change, I had to edit it. I was drinking too much wine when I first wrote it.)