Dinosaur Jr – Farm

Dinosaur Jr Farm
Dinosaur Jr Farm

If you grew up in the late 80’s – early 90’s and were into the skate or music scene you most likely have a few Dinosaur songs somewhere in your music collection. In those years skateboarding & punk/indie music went hand & hand. Skate video soundtracks exposed you to new bands like Dinosaur that soon became soundtracks to your everyday adventures. Videos like Blind’s “Video Days” exposed Dinosaur to skaters all over and recent endorsements from AWS & Nike SB have made the band a staple in skateboarding’s culture. Their noisy, laid back, feel good style reminds me a lot of the “good old days”, cruising the streets & causing havoc with my homies.

Anyways, before I get too over nostalgic, let me get to the point. Dinosaur Jr. is back and has a new album coming out entitled “Farm”. They are streaming it on their myspace page for free & they even made a new video, see below. The album has got that classic Dinosaur sound that is sure to please any long time fan & is definitely worth a listen if you are down. It comes out June 23rd.

Stream Dinosaur Jr.’s new album “Farm” here

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