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DGK – Selfmade 2 – Marcell Herd

Ayyyye!!!… the homie Marcell Herd made on the DGK contest that they threw on instagram not too long ago! Here’s a solid video & extended interview on him for DGK‘s Selfmade 2!

“After the success of the first installment, DGK was eager to launch the second edition of the Self Made contest. In case you missed it the first time around, the premise is simple – post your best fifteen seconds of footage on Instagram and tag DGK and Self Made. Each week fans pick their favorite videos which are narrowed down to six finalist who are voted on again determining the ultimate winner. The prize is an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles to skate with the DGK team. If it sounds like a dream come true, it totally is – just ask this year’s winner 21-year-old Marcel Herd from Fontana, CA.”
(Via The Kayo Corp)

Marcell Herd – Self Made 2 – Video & Extended Interview


Where are you from and how long have you been skating?

I’m from Fontana California. I’m actually not too sure of how long I’ve been skating, I’ve been skating for a really long time though.

How old are you?

I am 21.

So you’ve been skating since you were a little kid, huh?

Yeah, I’ve been skating since I was ten maybe.

What’s the skate scene like in Fontana where you’re from? Are there a lot of skate parks or were you skating mostly street growing up?

Definitely mostly street growing up. There’s two skate parks in Fontana, but you have to wear helmets at both of them and nobody really goes there too much. There’s also this other really small skate park that’s a little closer than the other ones called Spruce. That’s really a local park for people that live in the area, it’s not really that great of a park; but it’s something – it’s really not bad at all.

So Fontana is pretty close to LA right?

Actually no, it’s probably about 50 minutes away.

Do you go out to LA to skate a lot or do you mostly just tay around Fontana?

I go out to LA quite a bit, I have a couple of dudes that I film with almost every weekend and we usually go out to the LA area because that’s where the skate scene is mainly.

How did you hear about the DGK Self Made contest and what made you decide to enter?

I follow DGK. I’m pretty sure I saw them post something about DGK Self Made, I think I scrolled past it without paying much attention then I saw Boo Johnson post it too. I read it and thought, “oh this is sick.” I’m not too good with computers and stuff like that. I don’t have a computer, so I don’t really know how to post footage that I recently got on Instagram. I already had a clip on my page of a hardflip, so I tagged DGK Self Made on that not expecting anybody to see or even win at all. Then a couple of weeks later I ended up being that first winner. I was beyond happy, it was unexplainable! I was also kind of bummed because I only had one trick. I wasn’t sure how it was gonna work out, I wished I had posted something newer that had more clips. I tagged some of my other videos with DGK Self Made just so people could see more clips and see that I didn’t have just a hardflip.

What was your reaction when you found out that you won the entire thing?

Honestly, I didn’t even know that I won. My phone just kind of started blowing up from Instagram. I kind of figured that something happened, so I scrolled through the whole feed and I finally saw the post that announced me as the winner. It was crazy, my whole body started getting hot and my insides started feeling weird. It was amazing! I can’t even explain it.

How did your weekend in LA with the DGK team go?

It was really sick actually. Usually to tell the truth, I’m not too fond of going on trips. I’m really have to force myself to get out of my comfort zone. When I got there I kind of expected it to be a little weird because I didn’t know anybody. Right off the bat, everybody was super cool. It was as if I already knew them. I vibed with everyone really well and we skated some really sick spots. I was super hyped on all of the DGK product that Brad gave me. I definitely want to skate with them again.

Who all was out skating with you from the team?

Shmatty, Marquise Henry, and Derek Wilson were all there – they’re all super cool dudes.

What spots did you guys go to?

We went to these ledges that I’d never been to. They were in Long Beach, Shmatty actually got a line there in the Gold Goons video. He did nollie crooks on the first ledge, then he did a nollie tre flip, and then a nollie full cab to front blunt on the ledge – it was fuckin’ epic! We went to those ledges, they’re pretty good; I got a line there. That was the first day, on the first day we only skated one spot. I didn’t get out there too late, but I got out there at almost 3:00; so we kind of just took it easy a little bit for the first day and just skated a little line spot.  On Saturday we went to this pretty famous school that a lot of people skate and set up a bunch of tables and benches. I got a line there that I’m pretty hyped on because I did a couple of tricks that I’d never got on film. After that we hit this new gap in LA and I got a clip there. It’s was supposed to rain on Sunday, so we ended up not skating; but I met up with Brad later in the week and we filmed a few more things.

So what are your plans with skating now that you’ve won this contest?

I definitely want to pursue skateboarding for sure, it’s really my dream. I think about it even when I shouldn’t be thinking about it. I’m sure it’s like this for everybody, but when I skate it takes my mind off of everything and I feel like I can just enjoy the time that I have skateboarding.

What would you say to someone that was thinking of entering the Self Made contest or ended up winning it and got the same opportunity that you just had?

I would definitely say obviously have fun. I would also say don’t  put yourself down if you feel like you’re not good enough and just try anyway, because you never know. I feel like that’s what happened with me, I entered not expecting to win and somehow I ended up winning.

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