Design nerd out.

A few years ago when I was making a bunch of cash as a pro snowboarder (Santa Cruz, Hoven, COAL, Quiksilver, Flux, ACTIVE, etc) , I was into expensive things. I have really been into modern design the past 5 or so years, especially mid century work by Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Eames. I’ve started to be a total style snob, and nerd out on the design work in anything.

My friend who helped create my website (, Dave Benton of Metajive, sent me a link to Semigood Design. It was for a tshirt line with illustrations of famous skate spots… amazing! Check it-  Semigood

One of their shirts of the famous soCal skate spot.

I then browsed around the rest of the site and came across their Rift Collection furniture line, and my jaw dropped… brilliant work. Unfortunately it’s priced accordingly to how nice it’s designed. And since I’m not a pro snowboarder anymore, my $10 thrift store chair is going to continue to be my main seat. …maybe someday when I become a big time photographer. …maybe someday.