Design Erik Ellington’s Shoe Contest Update

Supra Ellington Design

It started months ago, and after many entries, and then many more, the Design Erik Ellington's Supra Double E Contest is finally almost over. You officially have two more days until the 11:59 PM deadline of Saturday March 31st to get your entries in. Just in case you forgot how to enter, you can check the official entry page out here.

I have no idea how many entries have been sent in, but it has to be somewhere in the thousands.

We got designs with, stripes, swirls, spins, stars, spots, splats, states, snakes, sheet music, plaids, patterns, palm trees, polar bears, people, album covers, landscapes, checkers, and of course camo.
Thanks to everyone that entered the contest, we love seeing this stuff. For one of you lucky dudes out there your dream may come true, and you could be rocking a pair of Ellington shoes you designed very soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Good Luck!

Check out some of the entries below.

(entries were chosen at random)


Who do you people think will win: a vortex- produced lampost or a black belt mail truck? Comments and answers will be appreciated. i’m so stoked1

NO, but I have deep-fried a fridge magnet in antifreeze.Live long and prosper. Away!

Thanks my fellow seeker of treasures.I shall undertake that quest before me right away.

Greetings Quentin n00bzor,I know just the place to get one of those Undead Wizards Battle staff that ye seek.Go to the Elvin Woods of the Hyrobian province,find the Tree of Gorad plenishings,now take the left path into the caves,you will then find a secret battle arena where you will battle seven Goblin Bats,defeat all of them without using potions or spells,then a chest will appear,and that is going to contain your much desired Undead Wizards battle staff.i saved you the 5 gold

Greetings, fellow 1337s! do any of you know where i can find an Undead Wizard’s battle staff for 5 gold?