Demon Hunter In Store Performance

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To Die For put together a great experience at Temecula Active this past weekend. To Die For advocates, the band, Demon Hunter (the secret performer of the day) took an early morning stop on their busy sold out tour to play their first ever acoustic performance! Everyone in attendance was treated to a smooth song list they reworked just for us, a departure from their normal gnarley super heavy sound. Fans were treated to original posters and rad discounts on To Die For Clothing. After the performance the crew sat down and slapped hands with all the homies! A big thanks to the To Die For crew and Demon Hunter for making this a huge success!! Now don’t miss the next performance at Mission Viejo Active with the band Never Enough. Check out the flyer for more details.

Had a blast guys!! Thanks for showing the LOVE!! Prepare yourselves for graffiti massacre next Friday & Saturday