lol just skate the ******* boards dudes, no one cares where they’re made from. haters dude.

Who care where and who makes the board…. just ******* ride ’em sound like a bunch of *******

those boards suck they should of just stayed in baker they’re retarded hahaha dumbasses faggots

deathwish is not under blitz. it is under bakerboys distribution and so will baker after their blitz contract is up. deathwish is using the zero factory for now.

the name deathwish sound like it under the black box distribution like zero, but deathwish is under blitz distribution with baker, flip, and birdhouse. deathwish is owned by baker and uses the same exact decks as baker. the graphics are just different. so deathwishes are bakers

deathwish is mad by blitz, so technically that would make them baker! its owned by greco, ellington and andrew reynolds, so the profits are still baker as well. good stuff always comes from the boss, active needs some deathwish tee’s!!!!

Actually they are not Zero boards, however they are made in the same wood factory as Zero, Mystery, and $lave. So no, they are absolutely not Baker boards…And thats a good thing..