DC Signing Wrap Up

DC Signing at Active Tustin

The DC Team signed their until their hands were cramped and they had to say, “No more!” Danny Way, Colin McKay, Lindsey Robertson, Ryan Smith and Greg Myers were all super cool to every skate fan that came out to the event to get a signature from these DC all stars.

The dedication of the people who came to the event was pretty amazing. The kids at the front of the line had spent the night and made sure they were first in line to get the autographs and hi-fives as the DC Team strolled into the store. They also had first dibs on free pizza, promotional DC dvd's, product and stickers, all compliments of the DC camp.

After signing to the large crowd for a few hours, the guys headed back South to their respective homes.

Thanks to DC for making this signing a success and for hooking everyone who came out to the event. Thanks to Tustin and all Actives for promoting this event and also making it what it was.