Daryl Angel – NIKE SB Chile Trip Blog

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Active Am, Nike SB, Spitfire, Royal, and Skate Mental patient Daryl Angel blogs about the recent Nike trip that took the team to Chile. Read on:

Alright, so we’re trying to film a bunch and finish up this new Nike Am Video called “DEBACLE” and we were sent out to Chile on a filming trip. The trip consisted of me – Daryl Angel, filmer Joey Digital, filmer Jason Hernandez, photographer Mike O’Meally, David Clark, Shane ”Nugget” O’Neil, Justin Brock, buddy flow/tour guide/Chilean Danny Fuenzalida and Omar Salazar. Names for days!  Anyway, we flew into Santiago, Chile, skated around and we then realized that there really wasn’t much of anything to skate in that city aside from a rad skatepark. We packed up and worked our little Kia nine-passenger van over to a city called Valpariso. In Valpariso the stray dogs flow like homeless people in California! There were actually rad things to skate there as well; it has that SF hill bombing vibe over there. It’s a really cool place to skate. We also stayed in an apartment which was right next to the beach and what was different about this trip, than other trips, is that we cooked breakfast and dinner every day. It’s such a good feeling eating a home cooked meal while you’re out traveling, because it doesn’t get to happen too often.

Not to mention all the skating, everyone was killing it! Omar is insane, sometimes he scares me when I watch him try tricks, but he always seems to pull it. Justin Brock- every spot we go to, he gets like three tricks. Dude pretty much rules the wood. Also, after skating with Shane O’Neil a few times, I told Brad (Staba) we should probably put the little bugger on the Mental. If you don’t already know, Shane rides for Skate Mental now. Last but not least, David Clark. He’s more of a right spot at the right time type of skater.  I like David’s approach on life, he’s a good guy, he pretty much has it all figured out. He got a really sick trick on the trip as-well; it’s confidential. Chile was pretty mellow as far as skating spots goes. I don’t think we got kicked out of one spot… not by any humans at least! Bottom line, the dogs in Chile are gnarly, they run that place. “DEBACLE” will be out in a few months and I will be posting more blogs soon. Check back.

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