Daryl Angel – Blogs the Nike Euro Trip

Active Am, Skate Mental patient, and San Jose local, Daryl Angel’s first blog on ActiveRideShop.com

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“So this past summer Nike decide to take a few of us on a full blown Euro trip. The trip consisted of myself, ”stunt wizard man” Justin Brock, good looking David Clark, and “the child” Grant Taylor. We skated quite a few places out there. We started our journey in Colonge, Germany, where I freshly got off the plane and went straight to skating… Talk about jetlag. I also forgot to mention, within the first few hours of skating, I decide to fall on my shoulder which caused it to get a minor separation. So being that I messed up my shoulder the first day, I was pretty bummed out. Luckily it healed up pretty quickly. I was back on the board in no time. I must also mention we rented a BMW and drove it on the Autobahn. Basically these are a few photos from my Euro Vacation. I’ll get some more up soon.” – Daryl Angel

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