Dan Lu’s Vans Propeller World Tour Experience

We caught up with Active Pro team rider, Daniel Lutheran at his new pad in Long Beach after traveling the world for the Vans Propeller premier tour to talk about his experience. It was Cinco De Mayo and he had just came back the night before.

City Experience:
My favorite city was Paris, I loved the creative beautiful energy of Paris.

Team Experience:
Most solidified vibe as a crew for this trip. No egos no distance nothin but love. Truly proud team. Complete success!

Fans Experience:
Loudest fans in Canada. Wildest fans in Mexico City.

Sleep Experience?
No sleep at all. 3 or 4 hours a night max.

Not so wild and witty while u sleep huH Crockett #35mm #boyfriends #vanspropeller

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Food Experience: Shanghai straight up has rotten boiled eggs and chicken feet being served up at gas stations. Intense!

Airline Experience: We traveled 1st class, but kept our language/conversations last class. Business class travelers were shockedddddd!

Itinerary  Experience:
No missed flights! Land,party,plane repeat. Owe it all to Griffin (Collins), Jamie (Hart), Steve (Van Doren), and Justin (Regan).

Stay Sane Experience:
Booze and comradery.

Dan-Lu Selfie

Thanks Dan-Lu!