Daewon Song Ad Photo Shoot

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Check out some of the behind the scenes shots from Daewon Song’s newest Active Ad. The Ad is featured in Transworld and TheSkateboardMag. The Ad was shot by Atiba Jefferson at the Channel Street Skatepark in San Pedro, California. Daewon frequents the Channel Street Skatepark often and we are offering a exclusive Daewon Song sticker pack for anyone who wants to donate to the Channel Street Skatepark!

For a Daewon Song sticker pack featuring Almost Skateboards, Matix, DVS, Spitfire and Active stickers send in a self-addressed stamped envelope and $2 to:

Active/Channel Street Skatepark Promotion
12087 Landon Drive
Mira Loma, CA 91752

All proceeds will benefit the Channel Street Skatepark! Tell all your friends!

hey will the stickers come down all the way to australia?

cause you know how the money currency is different. >.<‘