Crossroads & ASR – Lots O’ Photos

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Everyone and their momma was out at Crossroads and ASR this past weekend keeping the wheels turning in the skateboard world. Crossroads, Jamie Thomas’ brainchild, was the destination for all of the skate buying needs and they even has a couple best trick contests inside the skatepark. Chris Cole took home top honors and now has $4K extra dollars for his bank account. ASR seemed quite a bit more desolate than years passed. Luckily, Skatepark of Tampa, The Skateboard Mag, and Nike SB guys teamed up and put on an Am Awards that was, of course, quite entertaining. I accepted Mike Mo’s Award for “Went Pro Without Anyone Seeing Him Skate”. He even got a plaque! Active Downtown San Diego also co-hosted a Comune party for the new clothing brand, which is home to Active Pro Braydon Szafrakski. I’ll let the photos do the talking. Check them out and see what fun down.

All photos: Erica Yary