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Volume I, Issue I

All right, so it seems like yesterday I was covered in paint trying to get all the Crimson graphics done for the catalog. Oh wait, that was yesterday. Anyway it's been a pretty rad month since our doors opened. Definitely a new learning experience for everyone involved. Things are looking up for Crimson. On a personal note:damn, it's good to be skating again! Thanks to everyone for all your support.

Bleed Skateboarding!

Kris Markovich


Between doing all the artwork for Crimson and editing the promo video Kris somehow found the time to be one of the contributing artists for the Keep a Breast — Kings and Queens art show. The exhibit is the first ever 100% skateboarding Keep a Breast, uniting the most influential men and women in the industry to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Kris's set up now includes Destructo trucks and Speed Metal bearings. He'll be in Canada with James and rest the Hurley crew for the West 49 contest. For those that didn't know that Kris was hurt and recovering from Knee surgery, don't fret because he's off the DL and dropping hammers as you read this……….

While trying to shoot photos for his upcoming ad, James Atkin broke a couple of ribs from a battle with a 17-stair rail. Check out a healthier James in the latest issue of Automatic Magazine. James has the second Crimson ad in the December issue of Skateboarder.
Ritchie Belton has been seen in Carlsbad since the demise of the Hellrose house, and can be seen on Lizard's floor on occasion. Be on the lookout for Ritchie's ad in the next issue of the Skateboard Mag, issue #32.

Danny Scher has been in Colorado for the last couple of weeks ripping and filming. Keep your eyes peeled for Danny's interview in Concussion issue 30, and his Check out in the November Issue of Transworld.

Rick Eusey has been on a mission skating his ass off and shooting an interview for Stuck Magazine. With winter approaching Rick and his lady are trading the bitter cold of Indiana for the warm confines of Tempe, Arizona. Rick will also be out in So-Cal for GvR, October 21-22 in Lake Forest, California.

Jeremiah Babb: Check out Miah in the Red Bull: Seek and Destroy III DVD in the November issue of Skateboarder. ATL represent!!! For more on Miah, check out his interview in the__ issue of For the Krew! He's got a mean frontside flip that can be seen in the newest Satori Wheels ad in the Oct. issue of Slap.

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The Crimson crew labored into the early hours of multiple mornings for two weeks leading into the ASR tradeshow. The hard work produced a unique tradeshow booth that featured Kris' artwork.

Mr. Markovich was spotted at Surf Expo hanging out at the South Shore and Eastern Distribution booths. It was great to get out and meet our accounts on both the east and west coast. A big Crimson thanks to everyone who stopped by and caught up with us. See you in January!

All of us at Crimson thank you again for all your support! Remember to visit our website for the latest news and happenings.

Bleed Skateboarding!