Crailtap Mini Top 5 Contest

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions!  Girl will be picking and filming the winning Top 5 question this week! So stay tuned….

So this is our Mini Top 5 contest… everyone’s familiar with CRAILTAP’s Mini Top 5 right? Of course you are. Basically all you have to do is pick one of your favorite pros from from GIRL, FOURSTAR, CHOCOLATE, ROYAL or LAKAI and ask them a top 5 question (see examples below). Crailtap’s favorite Mini Top 5 question will be answered by that pro and win a years supply of GIRL decks! All questions must be submitted by June 15th.


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well what were the top expressions and the emotions youd been feeling when you made the stellar entrance in regard to my last question

Koston, dude what was the most kicka** yet stellar and funny entrance you’ve ever made with your deck and your skate crew?

Koston: Why are you on F* Twitter almost every single time your at the berrics!> Have you ever been so drunk that you had to Shat yourself at a public restroom, but you were so wasted that you went into the ladies room and tweeted it?
Haha thanks koston your my freaking favorite skater!

Justin Eldridge: Top 5 First Warm-up Tricks Down A Handrail, besides Nollie Nosegrind as a warm-up..?

too pro!

Mike Mo (or any other rider involved) – Top 5 reasons Battle at the Berrics is important to everyone

Sean Malto:Top 5 reasons why being a teenage heart throb is so good.

Sean Malto: Top 5 reasons why doing bike missions at night is so fun.

Mike Carroll- Top 5 Tricks I Wish I Could Style Like A Specific Pro Skater. (e.g. Appleyard’s tre flip, Gonz fs ollie…)

Mike Mo: Top five things about getting beat in a game of S.K.A.T.E. by some random kid in NYC

P.S. that was ME

Shane O’niel: Top five reasons why you should have made the finals at the Maloof Money Cup