Recap: Cliche’s “Bon Voyage” Global Premier

Congrats to Active Team Rider, Daniel Espinoza for turning PRO at the Cliche Skateboard‘s premier of “Bon Voyage!” The premier was held at the fancy Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, down the street from where the skate riot was. Everyone delivered destruction in their parts. The whole video is rad. Definitely a must watch when it comes out on DVD the 26th of April & iTunes the 29th! Check out the photos:

Parked in this parking lot…

Cliche's BON VOYAGE @ Montalban Theatre
On a side note: After taking this picture, I was running across the street to catch up with the homies… I looked both ways first. As I got to close to the other side, a Prius nearly hit me from the turning lane, luckily I escaped death (or minor injuries) I was still in shock the whole night… I still kinda am.

Cliche's BON VOYAGE @ Montalban Theatre
everyone in line saw that…

James Craig!
James Craig!


Bon Voyage!

Insta fool…

Marque & Futo!
Marque & Futo

Bon Voyage!

Before the madness

light 'em up!
Bon Voyage lighters

before the madness
Before the madness

Mario Miller, Daniel Espinoza, & Ben Cortez!
look what the wind blew in!

get there


Erica doin' her thang


Da Homies
The Homies!!!

Listen to these guys!

Bon Voyage!

Beer line for $5 Pabst
Beer line for $5 Pabst

Kelly Bird, Andrew Brophy, Sam Smyth, & Rick Howard ready!!!
Insane posse! Kelly Bird, Andrew Brophy, Sam Smyth, & Rick Howard!!!

Elizabeth & Steve Hernandez!
Elizabeth & Steve Hernandez!



Zizzo & White
Nick Zizzo & Denzel White Washington

Joey Brezinski
Joey Brezinkski!

Giovanni Reda sets stage
Reda sets stage

Cliché's Jeremie Daclin & Giovanni Reda
Cliché‘s Jeremie Daclin & Giovanni Reda

Daniel Espinoza announced pro!
Daniel Espinoza turn pro!

Daniel Espinoza announced pro!
caught up in this moment!

No bootlegging!
Video starts, minds being blown…

The cluster after the premier

Cliche Global Premier
the video was too good!

After Party?!...
where’s the after-party at bro’s!…

Scott E Skip

paparazzi on anf
Quietlife Anf

Daniel Espinoza's board!
Kevin Bradley‘s mom?!

This is where we parked!
This is where I parked…

al pacino & justin bieber were here...
Scarface and Justin Bieber were here…

Lee Dupont & Mario Miller!
Lee Dupont & Mario Miller!

Kenny Anderson & Chris Roberts!
Kenny Anderson & Chris Roberts!

JT Rhoades & Lady Friend
JT Rhoades & his lady friend

Pizza Party
Ended the night with pizza after walking away from the after party…

Pizza After Party
The Pizza After party!…