We are more than HYPED for our buddy Chris Joslin. Watching him grow from being an Active Army team rider for the Active Long Beach shop, to non stop clips on his Instagram, to a heavy Etnies welcoming part, & a full mind blowing part on PLAN B TRUE. It was a gnarly year that’s for sure. This dude is on fire. The Skateboard Mag presents to you, 2014 Year’s Best Am. Congrats Chris!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.16.23 PM

“The year’s most anticipated video kicked off with an unanticipated jolt to the system. Joslin’s TRUE intro assaulted us, gave us goose bumps, and left us curled up in a fetal position, thinking, “The future is gonna be fucked up.” The Skateboard Mag’s Year’s Best Am has a film-every-damn-day mentality, ensuring that we’ll be blessed with plenty of eye-popping footy from this productive powerhouse next year—and shit will be even crazier once Chris gets that much-needed knee surgery. Check back all week for a ton of Joslin content. We’ll be replaying his Etnies part as well as a new Instagram edit tomorrow, his TRUE part will be playing for 24 hours on Wednesday, a new Plan B-Roll part featuring some of his TRUE leftovers on Thursday, and a brand new video part from Chris will be dropping on Friday. Congrats, Chris! You had a hell of a year.
(via The Skateboard Mag)