Chris Joslin: Born Under a Bad Sign

Active team rider, Chris Joslin has a recent interview up on Rolling Stone. It’s the stuff you probably don’t know about. Interesting read, check it out.


The 19-year-old skateboarding sensation on his rough-and-tumble life, international drug laws, ringworm and avoiding cops at all cost.

Chris Joslin never met his father. He was shot and killed by police officers during a methamphetamine-fueled encounter in 2004. Joslin was seven years old then. His mother was also battling with addiction, living in a rehab center in Long Beach, California. The state prison system was home to his older brother who, before his residence behind bars, introduced Joslin to skateboarding. But a turbulent family history only fueled his engine and steered him toward realizing his dreams. And at a mere 19 years old, Joslin is well on his way to becoming one of the greats.
(via Rolling Stone)