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Chris Cole talks to us about skating, Fallen footwear, Hotwax, and music in this Active exclusive interview.

[zp]chriscole[/zp]Active: Why are you back in California right now?

Chris Cole: To film for the Fallen Video and hang with friends from here.

Why don’t you move over to California?

I am. The family and I are looking to move next year.

The Angry Skateboarder here in the office wants to know how “Hotwax” is doing?

“Hotwax” is ruling. Our second video “Shred the Gnar” is going to be done soon.

What can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

Hotwax video, hopefully some tours, contests, and then the Fallen Video.

When was the last time you were scared while skateboarding?

Always get a little butterfly in the stomach but that is normal, work through it.

Do you have any new shoes coming out?

I am actually skating the Trooper again. I skated the Ripper for about a year or so and I am back to the Troopers. But, I switch back a forth a lot. No new ones, the Rippers are still kinda new and they are good.

Why should kids buy your shoes and not someone else’s?

Cause they look cool (in my opinion) and skate great, and Fallen is a core company for skate rats. That’s how I feel at least. If you don’t wanna buy mine that is fine, but buy a pair of Fallen’s cause I love this company.

Who do you usually skateboard with while you’re home?

Hotwax….that’s it really

What music have you been listening to lately?

Bodom, Smashing Pumpkins, ZZTop, Kate Bush, Norther, Elton John, a bunch I don’t wanna list.

Have you ever been arrested?

Not really, well yeah, but the story is stale and takes a while.

What is better, winning a Gold Medal or being in a video game?

The video game is priceless, but a metal means I got to skate that day and that is great.

When you play the video game you’re in do you play as yourself?

I will probably play as everyone sometime or another.

What is your favorite TV show and why?

Friends- so damn funny.Lost- addictive.Scrubs- so damn funny.

What do you think about while you’re skateboarding?

Music, that’s it really. Music rules all our lives.

Do you have any advice for the people reading this article who hope to become a professional skateboarder one day?

Skate or die.

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Chris Cole is one of the best skaters of all time, and he will always be i just saw him last week at the zero holloween tour. Go Zero, Fallen, and Chris Cole.

-Jevin S.

chris cole you are the best you are crazy you 360 flip the big 4 it seams like your the best tre fliper in the world 😉

oh by the way right now i am skating a chris cole that my friend gave me. before that i skated a zero skull k/o complete with thunder trucks, abec 5 zero black widow bearings, and zero wheels. i am currently using a light pair of trucks, my black widows, and world industries wheels. but hey you have to work with what youve got

sheckler sicks ass and is a little ***** about everything… he is a ******* baby…just because he is pro doesn’t mean ****..he can suck a ****.btw chris cole and jamie thomas are the gods i praise…literally

who ever said sheckler doesnt shred over mike v.. ur a poser, just like mike v, sheckler is good i dunno y everyone says things they probly wont get tht good in their lifetime and cole shreds too i guess..

Mike mo is still the best :]

but then everyone has their own opinion

Chris Cole is amazing and all Sheck. gropies suck ***** like him. Nobody beats Chris Cole and the Duffman!


hey chris cole your words on the interview from active has really inspired me to try even more harder than what im doing now and i hope to someday be in zero and get to meet you in person, so thanks.

maaaan your the best skateboarder ever and the best thing about you is that you are a heavy metal,thrash,death and punk guy ‘skate and metal’.

Look no one beats chris cole and thats that, and when he gets beat, he goes and practice and comes bak with so much more heat… oneday ill be that good… i hope

Yeah chris cole is the best f*cking skater that has ever lived on this here earth! And all you Ryan sheckler fans can just go screw off as far as i care! lol. And anyways chris cole could beat anyone in a game of skate if he realy, truely wanted too!