Chris Cole Answers Your Questions

Chris Cole sits down with Erica Yary to answer some of the questions you asked! Chris lets us in on what tricks he’s been putting down lately, what he went through at Wallenburg, Hot Wax, his shop and more!

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Chris Cole Answers Your Questions

* video & photo by Erik Bragg

Yo Chris, why don’t you try to shred the wallenberg set like Andrew Reynolds, I think you could get some better tricks down it. Is it Scary to try?

dude i’m a 12 year old skater….and maybe u should quit sayen **** bout this pro cuz he would own all yo niggas

i have 2 zeros there both shallow graves, do u think shallow grave is good , my friends say zero sux but they have index and element! any way i <3 zero and ur the best sk8er iv ever seen so my question is kinda crapy but , do u think shallow grave zero is good?

this guy chris cole is wun of the most pro’est skaters i’ve ever seeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so chris you rock and I hope to get sponcered sum day