Charge The Parks With Mike V!

Charge The Parks

January 12th 2008, Active and Element present: “Charge the parks with Mike V”!!

Come skate, shed blood, and get gnar with Mike Vallely.

Mike V will present one person with a prize package for ripping the hardest!!

We'll be blasting music from Revolution Mother's latest CD to ignite the session into frenzy.

Free gear from Element Skateboards and Active!! 2 Sessions, 2 Winners.

First stop Huber Skatepark 1-2:30 pm (6411 Rolling Meadows Corona, California 92880).
Second stop Harada Skatepark 3-5pm (13100 65th Street Corona, CA 92880).

Both sessions will be documented by Active filmer Daniel Haney and posted on for thousands to see!!!

Rain or shine

Samething with Koston. He invented the smith grind, the Fandangle, the big hitter, and the croocked grind.

yea but what about Mullen. I mean Valelly…..all he does is handplants and wallplants. now mullen is sick. The impossible, the darkslide, the Rusty slide manual, and the To Rail(primo).All invented by Rodney Mullen. What’d Mike V invent? The load of crap that he’s old school,that’s what.

this would be gud if u guys culd do it in AUSTRALIA as well,, none of the gud skaterz r here, so, if mike v culd come to australia it would be way better than america!!?!?! whooo australiannz think about it,,

any of u’s got msn ? add me >> [email protected]

anyway,, hope u can think bout it

and mike v is the best skater from element

yo yo yo we need mike v at are sk8 park we have 2 indoor and out door the the best come too regina for a sk8 ………. p.s. if you do your going done and bring your team element…. peace… your my fav sk8er on element

nah these skateparks are knows whats up..i love haradas snake run and archy always throws a good crowd…hot dogs n hesh is always off the hook =]

I wish i could come but its all the way out there in cali. Plus my board is lame. Its not even pro, so id probly lose. Come to Atlanta, Georgia next time.

poop on your face. big disgrace. poop on a mirror. might just smear. poop on the floor. here comes some more.

mike should come to midlletown ri skatepark,never even seen or met a proffesional skateboarder no one knows about middletown. its in the smallest state in the u.s.