Chad Muska’s Skytop Supra Shoe Release Party in Japan!

Chad Muska Skytop Supra Shoe Release Party

Chad Muska and the Supra kr3w is flying out to Japan for Chad’s “Muska Skytop Launch Party.” If you are in Japan and available on February 21st, the event is at the Yokohama Bayhall. The event is open to the public and thirty random people will be the first in the world to receive a free pair of the Muska’s new shoe! As for the shoes themselves, the Muska Skytop will be available worldwide on March 1st. Congratulations Chad!

Update: 3/1/07

The Supra Chad Muska Skytop’s are in Stock now at Active Mailorder.

Supra Muska Skytop Shoes

yoyo muska is sickk no doubt no doubt but supra is a thumbs up and element is two thumbs wayy down. he should of stayed with shortys becasue he made shortys and he fitted there so presfect. the skaters all loved him and he was friends with them. if he wanted to move he should of went to like city stars hahhahah

element is **** muska is da bomb its good to get some sponsors back. but daim element why muska, why should ve gone with baker fit right in like peanut butter and jelly. peace out people
p.s element really really really really really really really really suxxxxxxx!
p.p.s muska is the wickedest

thank god hes finally getting some sponsors again. i still cant imagine muska on element but it happened. to think that he would probably go to baker cuz of his teammates on krew and supra

muska!!!! ur the best going from circa to supra pimp cuz u fit wit those guys greco ellington autwan. and going to element was good but just like the other guys said u should go to baker

i agree with mr. lrg, muska made a good move going to supra, but he should have went with baker or another sponser other than element, it just seems like he has a way different style that fits the baker team perfectly.

Muska leaving circa and joining the supra team was a good disicion but muska joining element now that was a stupid move,he should of joined Baker or planB but not stupid ass element.but supra’s rock though