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Active Army: Ryan Donovan

Thousand Oaks team rider Ryan Donovan has overcome a strange ear slam injury in recent history and considering he had to re-learn how to balance, this part is an absolute miracle! Active Ride Shop is very proud to have Ryan’s spirit and passion for all that is skate within it’s walls! Stop by T.O. on a good day and maybe he’ll grip your board and tell you where the local hot spots are. Enjoy!!


Behind the Catalog Fall 2012 video

 Active Army riders are highlighted in this Fall collection video, this time hitting the streets of LA in the wee hours. Featuring Matt Miskel, Reemo Pearson, David Munoz, Taylor Forney, Jeremy Leabres, Alex Valdez, Anthony Pshebelski, Chris Harris, Sean Hill, and Nugget Aka Xavier! Filmed/Edited by Cox. Enjoy!


Behind the Catalog Summer 2012 Video

See the tricks and the fine gentlemen Behind the Catalog Summer 2012 shot by Jon Dragonette featuring the skateboarding of Active Ride Shop Team Riders Denzel White, Ryan Alvero, Miles Wright, Dominic Walker , Gonzalo Hernandez, Chris Gregson, and Nate Delgado. Filmed/Edited by Team Manager Corey Cady song “Executioner” by Freedom Hawk. Enjoy!



Behind the Ad David Loy

Quick and Sketchy look at Jon Dragonette’s photo shoot of Active Ride Shop Team Rider David Loy. While trials and tribulations abound on scene while shooting any trick, David Loy conquers all haters… much the same with his life. Film/Edited by team manager fuckface charlie.


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The Active Am Phoenix Trip Video

Active Ride Shop Ams barged one of skateboarding’s raddess contest, Phoenix Am. Featuring the skateboarding of Chris Gregson, Clint Walker, Kyle Walker, Denzel White, David Loy, Ethan Loy, Alex Valdez, and Chase Webb. Thanks to all the locals we had blast! Phoenix every year!!! Filmed by Cady/Cox/Gregson. Edited by Marque Cox. Enjoy!

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Skate Wars 2012 video

Yessir the street course was horrible, but the intention was right on! Tons of amazing faces from the LA street scene including Active Team riders Reemo Pearson, Ben Cortez, Christian Harris, John Drinkard, Ted Duerkson and Denzel White who didn’t give a rats about the course set up and had fun regardless. Filmed/Edit Corey Cady. Enjoy!

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Active Army: Mikey Molina 2012

Just getting started is Mikey Molina skateboarding for Active Ride Shop San Dimas. David Payan on the film/edit with additional filming from the homies. Great times continue with Active because of it’s great people! Enjoy!!


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