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Jamie Thomas Answers Your Questions

You asked for it, you got it. We went down to Black Box and brought a list of questions YOU wanted Jamie Thomas to answer. Here are the first 3 segments. Jamie wants to answer more questions on film, which will be posted at a later date. Did your question make the cut?

Ask Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas: Professional Skateboarder, business owner, family man, and director of all things Black Box is going to be answering your questions! Ask him whatever you’d like to know about from his long, amazing, and ongoing career which has not slowed down. If you’re lucky he’ll pick your question and answer them for you right here on You have until October 20th to get your questions in and we will post the video of Jamie’s answers by November 1st.

Jamie’s favorite question, by one of you out there, will win a Black Box package!

**Make sure you submit your correct email address, as to be notified if you are the winner** Also, check out our Ask Erik Ellington Video!


Mike Mo Capaldi – Day in the Life

Active Ride Shop spends a day in the life with the hot up & coming Mike Mo Capaldi!

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Johnny Layton – A Day in the Life

I went to Johnny Layton’s house in Long Beach around noon, and despite my rolled ankle, managed to follow him with his dog Maggie, they were going so fast, it was super hard to keep up, Johnny ollies this gap every day with the dog pulling him. He said Maggie usually jumps it and then he ollies it. Anyway, hope you like the video. Oh yeah, Johnny showed me his new Vans shoe, its so tight, its got a bunch of colorways, and I saw his new Toy ad, and that kills it as well. Thanks Johnny, for letting us follow you all day.

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Video by Daniel Haney

Billy Marks A Day In The Life

Where do I start? This was a super long day. Or at least it felt like that. Billy called me and told me to be at his house at 9am the next day, I asked him why so early, and he said, “you’ll see.” I had to leave my house at 7:45am to make sure I got there on time, with no idea of what to expect. I thought we’d go to a spot and film Billy doing cabflips down 10, or nollie laserflips up euro gaps, or something similar to that. I had no idea Billy loved beer so much. Anyway, I get there, and this dude answers the door in a wrestling mask, and takes me to a fridge full of beer. Amazing! I remember him saying it was 150 beers. And I found out, his goal was to drink all of them by the end of the day. I did learn one thing from this experience though, it is hard to film after drinking all morning, and being hungover by 3pm. Hope everyone enjoys the vid.Video by Daniel Haney

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A day with Braydon Szafranski and Friends

This originally was supposed to be A Day In The Life With Braydon. It works alot better as a day with some of his friends. We left his house around noon, picked up Lizard King and Dom from Brooklyn Projects, and went to a shop that the dude from Good Charlotte co-owns. You can see him in the video when we go into the shop at the beginning of the video. They built a mini pool in the back of the shop that is super hard to skate. Lizard and Braydon skated for a little bit and then we headed to the Baker House to meet up with Beagle, Bryan Herman, Theotis Beasley, Reno, and Jigga. We went to downtown for Braydon to get a trick, but unfortunately we got kicked out after about 30 mins, which is pretty good for a Thursday. We ended up skating in downtown almost all day, Lizard tried to get a trick, but the meter ran out on the street, so we had to go back to the van. Then we went to Fairfax High, but it was knobbed, so we headed home, back to Hollywood. I hope everyone likes the video, and that it comes across as a fun day of messing around with Braydon and some homies.

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