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Sicktionary By Snowboarder Magazine

Snowboard Magazine Sicktionary

SNOWBOARDER MAGAZINE?s Sicktionary: September 2007

This photo was taken in Qu?bec City on my first filming trip of the year. They had plenty of snow, which allowed us to get creative and do some different things. It was a fun setup. Here I am doing a wallride to fakie. Eddie Wall, Nic Sauv?, and I got to hit it for a few hours before it got too dark. We all got something on it, so that was a plus.-Jake Welch

Qu?bec City (Kuh-beck Sit-ee) noun The capital of the Canadian province of Qu?bec, it holds a metric population of 528,595. As Canada?s answer to Salt Lake City, Qu?bec?s rails and ledges are shaping some of today?s most notorious jibbers, including LNP, Nic Sauv?, Ben Bilocq, Max Baillargeon, Marie-France Roy, Frank April, Charles Gagnon, Will Lavigne, etc., etc.

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Autumn Line Film’s Technicolour Trailer

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Check out the new trailer for The New Autumn Line Snowboard Film, “Technicolour” featuring Active Riders: Gabe Taylor, Matt Hammer, Peter Benchetler, Cody Rosenthal, Spencer Link, not to mention the talent of many up and coming riders

Forum or Against ’em Video Trailer

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Here’s something to help hold you off until next fall. It’s the trailer for next year’s video from Forum Snowboards is called “Forum or Against ‘Em.”

Bundy Vision 3 Trailer

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Active supports snowboarding and the people that are out there living it on a daily! This is a crew of shredders making it happen! Check out the movie teaser!

The Bundy vision crew has become a mish-mash of friends mainly based out of Salt Lake that love shreddin? the white wave together everyday. Some days it?s gnarly and other days its care free, but were havin a mighty fine time either way. From concrete and metal to bottomless pow, New York to Mammoth and everywhere in between; we?re getting after it! In the days of over produced, Hollywood shred flicks we?re tryin? to take a fresh approach, we?re not trying to make a movie that you watch and it makes you want to quit ?cuz it seems so insane; we want you to WANT to go shred after watchin? our moving picture! Keep it positive kids! It?s about the process not the destination; and good times with the homies! Look for the video coming Fall 2008!

The crew:

Ted Borland, Jesse Lederer, Steve Peirce, Jesse Anderson, The Spedales, Ratass, Matt Piasecki, Ian Bolls, The Nick, and many other amazing friends

Active Snow Sponsor Me Contest 2008

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?Sponsor Me? what a concept, in day and age where getting noticed is as difficult as finding a parking spot during Christmas time, Active, Rome, Vans, and Von Zipper simply made it easier by bringing the spot light to Mt. High so kids can show their skills for a shot at a 1 year sponsorship from the these respectable companies. This is the 7th Annual Sponsor Me Contest and by far the best one. The course showcased several different jibs as well as the addition of a 40ft jump this year. The riding was better than we could have ever imagined, not to mention the winner had no sponsors what so ever. We are stoked to be hooking him up for this next year! Big thanks to Rome, Vans, Von Zipper, Vestal, Skull Candy, Mt High, Boost Mobil and Vans for all the support on another great year! Continue reading Active Snow Sponsor Me Contest 2008

Video: Active Grudge Match 08

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Video: Active Snow Commercial

Active Snow commercial starring Active pros Iikka Backstrom and Lauri Heiskari

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Brodown Showdown 2007 Results

Brodown showdown 2008 results

The annual Active Ride Shop Brodown Showdown took place on February 24th, 2007 at Bear Mountain, CA. The jam format competition pitted some of so-cal’s best riders against each other to to compete for $5,000 in cash and prizes. Congratualtions to the winners:

  1. Greg Hahn- $2,500
  2. Nick Dirks- $1,000
  3. Niko Cioffi- $500
  4. Scott Vine – $250