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New Video Featuring Habitat and Active Riders! NO BUENO


If you're in the So Cal area you may have heard about this new skate vid featuring Active Riders: Imran Syed, Kyle Sellers, Jeff Figuroa, Eric Shum, Marcel Ramirez and Habitat Riders Raymond Molinar and Danny Garcia. I hear it's supposed to be a much bigger and better production than Titanic! Oscar worthy even!

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Adio News


Congratulations Shaun! Shaun White has gained worldwide recognition with his gold at the Torino Olympics. He even made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine….shirtless! You can pick up that issue on newsstands now.


It’s really cool to see people come together to make their skate scene better. Matt Cantor, formerly of Control skatepark, and MIA skate shop partners Chris Williams and Ed Selego have joined forces to create the MIA SKATEPARK. On Saturday Feb. 18th the Adio and Planet Earth Clothing teams kicked open the doors with a huge grand opening demo. In attendance were Ed Selego, Bam Margera, Kenny Anderson, Jeremy Wray, Danny Montoya, Steve Nesser, Ryan Bobier, Ernie Torres, Nick Dompierre, Joey Brezinski, Chris Troy, and Guru Khalsa. Check some photos below and more more info go to

This February the Adio surf team headed down to the Tuamotu atolls to get away from the cold and find some perfect South Pacific reef passes. The crew was Taylor Knox, Timmy Curran, Mike Losness and Local Tahitian charger Raimana Van Bastolear. Raimana hooked us up on a 120ft luxury catamaran complete with a crew of 15 at our service. Images and a couple video clips will be posted on soon, and the full story in the upcoming travel issue of Surfing Magazine.
In other Adio team news Asher Nolan from Jacksonville, Florida keeps his roll going winning the Corona Extra Pro this past weekend in Puerto Rico taking home another $4000. For more on Asher’s big wig check go to

Stereo Newsletter-Volume 2-Issue 1


Operative Agents, Welcome to the first installment of The Agency Handbook for 2006. Commit to memory.

All Sound Agents have returned from their not-so-covert mission in Barcelona. Their assignment? Secure as much footage as humanly possible for the new Stereo video due out for the Holidays. Stereo is set for a busy '06 with art shows, the launch of the Stereo/Kangol collection, filming trips and demos.

Check in with the home office at for updates. Who knows, the Sound Agents may be rolling into a city near you.

Thanks for your support of the Stereo Sound Agency.


Jason Lee and Chris Pastras


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Tampa Am 2006-Activated


Here's the basic run down of how Tampa AM 2006 (January 27-29) went:

Hop on a plane, catch a cab, check into the hotel, run into a dozen or so skateboarders and team managers in the lobby, off to The Castle, then sleep, wake up and go to the contest & watch kids of all ages, sizes and creeds rip up this skatepark as though they are grown men… Then it finally comes down to the defining day, Sunday, the day of finals. This was only my second time at Tampa Am and I am convinced that some of these kids' skills progress so rapidly that it's shocking.

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ASR Tradeshow & Matix Rail Challenge Winner

This past weekend January 20th-22nd ASR San Diego went down like it always does. At ASR you can see everything from bums to 98.3% naked people strutting around shamelessly. I guess ASR wouldn’t have it any other way! You get to check out a ton of booths that are decked out like a Christmas tree. People are there to do work as well as many are there to party, or even lurk. But that’s neither here nor’ there. I took a bunch of photos of some of the people that you may run into if you’re shimmying around the floor of the convention center.

Matix threw a “Rack a Few” Rail Challenge in which people were getting broken off. I too almost got broken off when Terrell Robinson’s board flew at my face while I was sitting on the ground near the landing. I used my cat like reflexes, which means my face is still intact today. Luckily for me Tony E. the Matix Team Manager got the wrath of the board straight to the chest. Needless to say dudes were getting racked left and right. Chris Cole was throwing in back salads back 180 out, Jereme Rogers threw in a back noseblunt, but Gailea Momolu came up on every last penny of the $10,000 with a nollie back biggie to back lip.


Dekline Team News


Mike York joins the Dekline Family:

(San Diego, CA) -With great enthusiasm, Dekline proudly welcomes

/Mike York/ to the Dekline Pro Team. /Mike's/ creativity, energy,and smooth style have set a benchmark for excellence in professional skateboarding. /Mike's/ personality and skateboarding exemplify the Dekline philosophy of individuality, making him a natural fit with the brand. Together we will continue to set new standards of what is expected to be “Normal.” We are excited to kick off 2006 with the addition of such a strong icon in the industry.

Complimenting the rest of the team, /Mike/ joins Matt Ball, Gareth Stehr, Zarosh Eggleston, Patrick Melcher, Ben Gilley and Matt Dove.

Enjoy The Ride!

Real’s New Pro and Mada Team News

Real skateboards

In REAL News:

Mr. Ernie Torres Professional Status

All of us here at Real Skateboards are both proud and relieved to announce that Ernie Torrest has accepted our strongarm tactics and will step up into the pro ranks. 

It was a bit of back and forth between Ernie and Real in the past few months.The negotiations almost stalemated when the subject of having team managers available for food deliveries came on the rable.Both sides pushed on through, worked together and we are happy to say the ends justify the means.

Ernie has 2 new boards out now and is available for demos across the world.(Mic is now available on weekends and every other Thursdays for any dietary needs Ernie may have in the next 2.5 years so all is good)

Skateboarding is an individual gig.Others can't do it for you.At the end of the day you get out of it what you put into it.Ernie's put everything into it and it's good to see him finally accept that he deserves a baord with his name on it.It's not every day we get to do a first board for someone who came to the team through a friend, comes up on everything he does and still calls us stupid to our face. 

Ernie's boards will be out Jan 20.

Look for a behind the scenes view into what goes on when the whole Real team comes to SF to start work on the new Real Full Length DVD in the Real Jump off DVD 'Life and Times' out Jan 06.

We'll keep you posted on further developments.

Thank you,




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