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Cliché Park Crashers!

Last Month, our Euro friends from Cliché were in town and stopped by to check out the #activepark. After a few hours of filming, it was pretty obvious that they were onto something awesome. A few days later they put another heavy session got put in the books, we received this awesome Park Crashers edit! a huge thanks goes out to Al Boglio, Roger Bagley, Joey Brezinski and the rest of the Cliché crew. -Smellington

Active x Chocolate Chunk City Series

Active & Chocolate Skateboards collaboration Chunk Cities deck. Available only at your local Active!
Special thanks to Justin Eldridge, Chris Roberts, Richard Mulder, Daniel Castillo, Kenny Anderson, & Scott Johnston for making this commercial happen!

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Just Nipples – Welcome Skateboards

This video’s shows the essence of what having fun on a skateboard is. By now you might have already seen this, but if not, then here it is! All filmed in 8 hours, as it says on their youtube. Featuring: Nolan Johnson, Logan Devlin, Kody Carnahan and filmer Riley Kerr. Hey, while you’re at it, come check out the neat selection we have on Welcome.

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Monster Children x Chocolate Skateboards

Monster Children and Chocolate Skateboards have released a limited edition deck designed by artist Evan Hecox; the first in a series of collaborations to be issued this year as the magazine celebrates 10 years of publishing.

Available May 7th in Australian utility vehicle, or ‘Ute.’ Only 130 decks have been produced for sale worldwide.

The Chocolate collaboration is the first of many to be released in 2013, including collaborations with MAKR, HUF, RVCA, Stance, Incase and Vans amongst others. Monster Children’s 10 year celebrations will culminate in a huge MC hardcover book in September which traces the magazine’s history from its credit card-funded inception all the way through to the evil behemoth it is today. Stay tuned.

“We were really pleased to be able to collaborate with Chocolate and Evan creating this deck. We’ve had a great relationship with them both, ever since we started the magazine back in 2003 and were glad they could help us celebrate our 10th year.”
-Monster Children creative director Campbell Milligan

Monster Children // Chocolate Skateboard from Monster Children TV on Vimeo.

Pick up the deck Here:

Recap: Deathwish Video Premier Photos @ Active Chino!

Started off the night with a flatbar & box/best trick sesh, video premier, raffle, and product toss at the end of the night! A lucky number of 50 Deathwish video DVD’s were sold that night and will be sold online and stores soon! Thanks to everyone who came to watch a premier of the epic Deathwish Video at Active Chino!
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