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Watch your favorite Skateboarding teams as they crash the Active Park!

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Cliché Park Crashers!

Last Month, our Euro friends from Cliché were in town and stopped by to check out the #activepark. After a few hours of filming, it was pretty obvious that they were onto something awesome. A few days later they put another heavy session got put in the books, we received this awesome Park Crashers edit! a huge thanks goes out to Al Boglio, Roger Bagley, Joey Brezinski and the rest of the Cliché crew. -Smellington


SK8 MAFIA Park SMashers!

Last month, the SK8MAFIA homies hit us up to come check out the #activepark and we were psyched! a few days later they rolled up to our office DEEP and proceeded to SMash the park. The first session was heavy! so when they asked to come back a second and third time, we couldn’t say no. After a couple more trips up the 15, Dan put together this AWESOME edit for the February edition of SMonthly, THANKS!!” -SMellington

SK8MAFIA MONTHLY | FEB 2014 : Active – Park SMashers Featuring Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, Kellen James, Dan Connelly, Nick Lamm, Jake Brown, Erik J Pettersson, Eric Ylikangas, Peter Smolik, Larelle Gray, Dorian Gray, Jimmy Cao, and Jamie Palmore.
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Blood Wizard Park Crashers!

The Blood Wizard team came through and teared the Active Park up before the first premier of “Wizard Bloody Wizard“. Featuring: Jerry Van Gurney, Jackson Jeffery Given, Antonius Stavous Dintcho (Toad), Nick Kunz, & Chris Gregson!


Check Out Blood Wizard!!!

Matix x Krooked Park Crashers

Welcome to the Matix x Krooked Park Crashers collab video featuring Mike Anderson, Daewon Song, Marc Johnson & Auby Taylor! Be sure to check out the new Matix x Krooked collection online or in stores! Special thanks to both the teams for coming out & inviting the Active crew to hang out while they filmed… good times!!!


Eswic Park Crashers

The latest episode of Park Crashers introduces Eswic Clothing to Active Ride Shop! Check out their new T-Shirts & Hats online or at a shop near you. Crashers = Leo Romero, James Hardy, Ed Templeton, Cairo Foster, Dakota Servold, Donovan Piscopo & Jon Fitzgerald!

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Eswic Outtake Photos provided by Morgnar

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Lurkville Park Crashers

Lurkville is a newer San Diego based skate brand we just picked up here at Active. Super stoked to have them out for a Park Crashers.. they killed it! Featuring: David Cobb, Dolan Stearns, Brendan Keaveny, Dylan Messer, Jeremy Leabres & Tyrone Taylor. Filmed & Edited by Chase Cruz

Here’s some behind the scenes photos by Morgnar

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5boro Park Crashers

In the midst of finalizing their soon to be classic Join. Or Die! video, the 5boro team had a chance to stop by the Active warehouse to film a quick Park Crashers! Featuring Joe Tookmanian, Jimmy McDonald, Rob Gonyon, Brian Clarke & Dylan Witkan. Filmed & Edited by Tombo Colabraro!

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