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Watch your favorite Skateboarding teams as they crash the Active Park!

Dwindle Park Crashers

To celebrate the launch of our collab decks with Zero, Enjoi, Cliché, Almost, Darkstar, & Blind, each team came out to crash the park in one big edit! For the month of March, if you buy any of the Dwindle x Active decks at your local Active, you will get a Golden Ticket for a private sesh at the Active Park in the end of the month with these guys!

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Honey Park Crashers

Welcoming the release of Honey here at Active Ride Shop, the swarm came in & crashed the Active Park! Featuring: Joshua Willard, Hayden Kelly, Mossy Kabir, Marquis Preston, Hosea Peters, Andrew Arnold, Aramis Hudson, & Keelan Dadd!

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Video Recap: HUF Demo at the #activePark #waitwhat

That’s right, these fools came in hard! At last, here’s the edit to when the HUF team crashed & demolished the active HQ!
Featuring: Brad Cromer, Matt Gottwig, Dan Plunkett, Peter Ramondetta, Kevin Terpening, Sammy Winter, Josh Matthews

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