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Bringing the excitement and big name talent to our communities, has been our bread & butter since 1989. Whether it’s autograph signings, demos, contests, art shows, fundraisers, live music etc. Active brings the noise like no other in our industry! Giving back and providing a rad scene means more to us than just a sale. Don’t miss the next Active event!

Hot Dogs & Hessians 2006

Skate Park Tour

Where YOU are the Rockstars of the Demo

“Winner Takes All” Contest
served up by Active’s Own Dirty Hessians

Free Hot Dogs, Drinks & Giveaways

The Van is Packed and Ready to Unload Summer Skateboarding Mayhem at a skatepark Near You!

Stereo Signing & 411 Video Premiere!

The Stereo Team is Signing & The NEW 411VM ISSUE 14.2 is Premiering!

Where: Active Burbank 

328 N. San Fernando Suite 1
Burbank, California 91502-1125
[email protected]

When: Saturday May 6th, 2006 @ 7pm

Signing Featuring Stereo Team Riders: Confirmed riders are Co-Captains Jason Lee and Chris Pastras. Sound Agents Clint Peterson, Benny Fairfax and Tony Silva

Don’t miss out on a night of fun in Burbank with the Stereo Sound Agents!

Co-Captain Pastras has been working as the art director for the next installment of 411VM, due out the first week of May. Olly Todd will be on the cover, with plenty of Stereo footy from the Barcelona and Florida missions on the inside along with much more. Hope you have as much fun checking this stuff out as Chris had seeing it come together.

Ambiguous Corey Smith Art Show


We had a Corey Smith Art Show with Ambiguous, in Costa Mesa at the CAMP, on the 8th of April and it went off like the fourth of July! If you don't already know who Corey Smith is, he is an amazing Artist as well as a talented Professional Snowboarder. Corey is a well-rounded acrobat, of sorts.


We had a fully stocked wine, champagne, & Red Bull bar, tons of Chipotle and a couple Dj's kickin' the party up a notch all night. The show was at the CAMP in Costa Mesa and if you are in the area you have to check this place out, it's amazing. Many art lovers, Active & Ambiguous Enthusiasts and friends showed up. Everyone from Dylan Reider, theSkateboardMag's current issue- #27, New Jack, to Johnny Layton, Active Mailorder's Newest Pro.

Every time I have been to an art show there is always a weird sense of uncomfort, maybe it's just me, but this time around everyone was amazing and welcoming. There are two factors that I can also place blame on the fact that this went so well with:

A: There was a lot of booze flowing from about 6 pm, so by 8 pm everyone was just having a good time, by 11pm they flying by the seat of their pants.

B: That this was simply a harmonious crowd that wanted to co-exist in relentless peace and love that only exists in fairy tales.

I don't know which is right or which is more appropriate, but it was a positive experience nonetheless.

Ambiguous is rad, Corey Smith is rad, the CAMP is rad and we can't thank all of them enough, for making this night as memorable as it was, for everyone in attendance. Until next time:

KAYO Video Premiere’s-‘Check Um’


We had a two-day KAYO Video Premiere fest on March 24th and 25th and they both went amazingly well. The first night was at Rancho the kids were out and all about KAYO. There were people freestyle rapping for product and everything you'd hope to see at something KAYO is a part of! We had a huge signing there and the night was over only to re-live it again the next night in Burbank.


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Enjoi- Brea Active Premiere


Ahh yes, the re-cap. Last Friday, March 17th, we held our own Official Active So Cal Premiere at Active Brea. There was rain once again and we were thinking we might have to pull the plug on the Enjoi Premiere's existence, but the rains dissipated and we knew we would be seeing the Bag of Suck in all its glory. Brea had an amazing turn-out. Yes it was cold, but the people who came out to the premiere didn't care, it didn't even phase them. They wanted their Bag of Suck Premiere and we gave it to them.


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Supra Launch Event-You were there right?


March 2nd, 2006- The Supra Launch Event was a complete success. We managed to pull in a couple hundred kids and get every last one of them autographs by the Supra Team. Erik Ellington. Jim Greco, Antwuan Dixon & Chad Muska were all there representing Supra and signing autographs for hours on end, literally. Supra even made special posters for the event that are numbered collectibles. All the lucky Supra Fans that were at the event all got a poster signed as well as a variety of their own belongings.

We also held a little after party for the event and everyone who was lucky enough to get in, had an amazing time. To see more coverage of this event check out , and