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Bringing you our favorite skateboard video parts from the past, present & future.

Gino butters

I was way into The Chocolate Tour video when it came out back in 1999. The video had everything, all the Girl/Chocolate heads were elevating skateboarding as they always have, the skits were hilarious and the video made you wanna go out and skate the second it ended. But it was Gino’s style that really stood out to me and suddenly I found myself wanting to do all my tricks like Gino, it’s not what he did but how he did it.

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Jason Jessee – Streets on Fire

First off, let me just say that Jason Jessee is totally insane, but that never mattered to me because he had the best method air to fakie in the biz. Jason was a really big guy but had a really laid back styles that I still jock to this day.

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Stevie Williams – The Reason

Transworld’s The Reason video features one of my favorite Stevie Williams video parts to date.  Nowadays fools have entire video parts of just clips but Stevie came correct in this part with some of the longest and dopest lines that still hold up to this day. His style is unparalleled and the fact that he pops every flip trick waist high is what sets Stevie apart in my book.

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Danny Way is the Real Deal

Danny Way has been one of my favorite skaters since I was a kid & is by far the gnarliest skateboarder the sport has ever seen. He’s done more to progress the sport that any other skater, whether it was bringing his street style to vert or turning vert on it’s head with the invention of the mega ramp, Danny Way continues to push the envelope of what’s possible on a skateboard. If you think skating a handrail or a big set of stairs takes some big nads, try doing a switch b/s 360 over a 40 foot gap at 20mph. Danny Way is the real deal and skateboarding owes him a huge debt of gratitude.

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