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Bringing you our favorite skateboard video parts from the past, present & future.

Beauty & The Beast 2

The Antihero/Girl Beauty & the Beast tour is back! In case you haven’t seen part 1, Beauty & the Beast is a tour video from two different perspectives. First, you have the Girl version with the HD camera’s and the nice editing. Second, you have the Antihero version which has more rugged footage.  Put them together, and you’ll have a video that everyone will enjoy. With names like Eric Koston, John Cardiel, Rick Howard, Tony Trujillo, and Mike Carroll you know the video is going to be amazing. Not only will this video make you want to skate, but it will make you want to pack up your junk and go on a road trip.

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Nike SB Don’t Fear the Sweeper Trailer

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming Nike SB video… Don’t Fear the Sweeper.  Be sure and check it out Jan. 11th at

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Zero’s Strange World DVD!

Zero’s Strange World DVD is a video that you definitely want to pick up. I just finished watching it twice because it’s so good. You already know that Chris Cole has one of the best parts in the video, but you NEED to see parts from Marisa Dal Santo, Donovan Piscopo, and Jamie Tancowny. They are definitely some of the best in the vid. It’s in stock now, and only $9.99!!


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Jordan Hoffart: Movin Up

The Active team is busy on the web this week, Check out Active pro Jordan Hoffart in his Movin up for Strange Notes.

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In Memoriam Video Teaser

 Filmaker Brian Hunter is gearing up for an amazing film project dropping Spring 2010 in an Indie Theatre near you. Drawing on a large talent pool from Riverside and San Bernadiino Counties here in Southern California, Hunter wields his camera and his editing skills like a paint brush, developing into a beautiful arrangement of sight and sound. The video will feature some of the Active Army heads Jeff Figueroa, skating for Active Riverside, Shu Sakamoto and Raymond Reyes ripping for the Norco Active.


I’ve asked Brian to describe the project in his own words…

“i acknowledged when making the film that there is a collective effort of people from all types of cultures and backgrounds who are a part of in memoriam. there is a variety of skating which makes this film unique, each all skating a different way. the most important of how i conceptually came up with the title is because our memories of the past, either skating and everything in between is a memory which is captured on film.  There you go…b. hunter”
here are some links for the film:


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Mike Carroll – Modus Operandi

In honor of our Mike Carroll answers interview, lets reflect back on one of our favorite Mike Carroll video parts. From the year 2000 here is Mike Carroll in Transworlds Modus Operandi.

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Jimmy Carlin Flippity Flop Pit Stop

kHulaHula caught this video on the Black Box website of Jimmy Carlin killin’ it on some flat ground… I’m saying the Shark Attack is my favorite!

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A Gang of Fourstar Trailer

With a line up consisting of Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Mark Gonzales, Guy Mariano, Brian Anderson, Sean Malto, Max Schaaf, Lucas Puig, Andrew Brophy, Tyler Bledsoe and Nick Jensen, this video is sure to be nothing short of amazing.

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Andrew Reynolds Baker Bootleg Video Part

I really wish Bootleg Skateboards would have lasted longer so we could have seen more Baker Bootleg videos. The Baker Bootleg and Baker2g videos remind me of how raw skateboard is and why we do it, no need for fancy intros or even legit filming, these videos were just about hanging with the homies and having a good time. Check out Andrew’s part and see him killing it before he became The Boss.

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PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life

Here is PJ Ladds amazing part from Coliseums “PJ Ladds Wonderful Horrible Life” video. At a time when most of skateboarding was focused on big rails and dropping hammers, PJ was doing long, smooth, super teched out lines that most skaters can only dream of.  He was flipping in & out and doing combos on ledges, pulling mind boggling flat ground tricks, as well as throwing big bangers down stairs & rails. Every time I watch this I discover a new favorite trick or line.

P.S. PJ had no major sponsors when this came out… crazy!

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